What is 5G?

The journey into the next generation nationwide 5G network is already happening. While you can expect new wireless experiences to be developed, 5G represents an ongoing evolution of technology.

5G will build on the existing, robust LTE and LTE-Advanced technology and infrastructure that has made the United States a global leader in technology and connectivity.

Wireless networks are evolving

Wireless Network Timeline
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5G is the latest generation of mobile communication

Our wireless network has evolved drastically in the last few decades and helped forever change how we function as a society. These may look like steps, but some of these changes fundamentally transformed how we interact every day — like when we started to see mobile phones in the 80s and then again with the introduction and mass adoption of the smartphone in the late 2000s. We believe we are on the brink of another huge change with 5G.

That’s why making sure we bring you the best mobile network — which has seen a 580,000% increase in data traffic since 2007 — is a top priority. With increased speeds, past generations of network technology paved the way for video chatting, livestreaming, ridesharing and more. What started as bold new ideas are now part of our everyday lives. But 5G is much more than a massive boost in speed.

What are the different kinds of 5G?

5G is AT&T’s far-reaching, next-generation wireless technology deployed using low-band spectrum.

5G over sub-6 spectrum is the next generation of wireless technology. We’re working hard laying the foundation for our nationwide 5G network – creating an ecosystem of 5G devices connected to an intelligent, software-driven network that one day will react to emerging information in close-to-real time.


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5G+ is AT&T’s name for even faster 5G service delivered using millimeter wave spectrum in select areas around the country.

This will create innovation zones where the most ambitious uses of 5G can come to life.


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are evolving

Wireless Network Timeline
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