5G is
The next generation of wireless

Transforming how you live, work and play
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5G will reshape industries, ushering in immersive technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. But the true transformation happens when everything from traffic lights to living room lamps are online. 5G will not only improve your wireless experience, it will redefine it.

5G is
What if your hospital visit wasn’t in a hospital? What if you saw your doctor virtually from home and received lab results in record time? At Chicago’s Rush Hospital, we’re working to build the “Hospital of the Future,” delivering the first standards-based 5G-enabled hospital to the U.S. 5G technology will help connect applications, people, devices, robotics as well as enhance access to care within hospital systems. Low-latency data can travel more quickly through a hospital’s network, enabling remotely-managed surgeries — ensuring better patient care, no matter where you are.
AT&T 5G at Rush Hospital
5G is
IoT technology helps farmers grow more with less. On a 5G network, farmers and ranchers can use tools like self-driving tractors and smart irrigation solutions to increase their crop yields and conserve resources.
AT&T 5G in agriculture

What is 5G?

The 5G network expands the available spectrum to 30 GHz using higher frequency waves with higher bandwidths. Higher capacity means faster speeds, fewer bottlenecks, and a better customer experience.
5G offers ultra-low latency, reducing the delay between sending and receiving data to less than 1ms. This is essential for applications such as self-driving cars, telesurgery, and robotics that require real time communication.
The 5G network will offer blazing fast internet speeds with a peak data rate of 20 Gb/s. An HD movie that once took minutes to download will take seconds.
The 5G network enables an everything-connected Internet of Things (IoT). With 1 Million connections per km2. 5G will allow a massive number of devices and data-intensive applications to simultaneously access the network.

5G affects every part of our lives.

Public Safety

Knowing first responders can make life saving decision in an instant is pivotal.

Entertainment & Sports

Every sports fan knows the rush of viewing their favorite team’s game in person from 20 or 40 feet away.


5G can someday make factory floors smarter and safer.

Media & Digital Storytelling

We’ve always kept you connected, and now, we’re enhancing how you stay informed. The first of its kind, AT&T and The Washington Post will use 5G to develop an innovation lab to explore ways to enhance news reporting capabilities, like using 4D visuals, testing new applications, and finding ways to streamline and improve operations. Reporters could soon use millimeter wave 5G+ technology to transmit their stories, photos and videos faster.


Let’s unlock the gridlock — decreasing your commute time with 5G. In 2018 alone, Americans lost an average of 97 hours a year due to traffic congestion, costing nearly $87 billion. By integrating technologies powered 5G, solutions like smart digital transportation boards at airports will help travelers plan better, showing the fastest and lowest-cost routes into the city. This new network will keep everything from planes to trains, automobiles, bicycles, commuters and scooters moving safely and smoothly.

Energy & Utilities

5G will help you keep your lights on during a storm and lower energy costs year-round.

You can help 5G reach across the country

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